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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?

    We recommend completing Intro to Fencing, our three-lesson series for new fencers. Then you'll be ready for Beginner Group Classes. You can even take private lessons with one of our world-class coaches.

    Experienced Fencers: If you've fenced before, please contact us to determine the best program for your experience and training goals.

  • Épée, Foil, or Saber?

    First, join us for Intro to Fencing, a three-session series to find out if you like fencing. Then you'll choose which weapon suits you best. Your coach will introduce you to both Épée, Foil, and Saber techniques and rules, and they can help with recommendations based on your physical abilities and talents. 

    Here are a few differences:

    • The weapon’s blade shape and size: The Épée is longer and heavier than the Foil. Touches for épée and foil are scored using the tip of the weapon. The side of the Saber can also be used to score a touch.
    • The target area: Épée's target area is anywhere on the body, including mask, arms, feet. Foil’s target area is a vest covering the chest and back. The target area for Saber includes the body from the waist up, and you can hit any target area with any part of the blade (i.e., slashing or stabbing).
    • Rules and tactics: In Foil and Saber fencing, “right of way” gives you priority for the touch. There are no rules of priority in Épée fencing — the first touch wins!

    Also, checking out the different class schedules for Épée and Foil may be helpful for deciding for which classes you will be able to attend.

  • What about Equipment?

    Fencing gear is available for purchase at the club. We provide loaner equipment for Beginners. Intermediate fencers should have their own kit of equipment, including mask, glove, plastron, chest protector and uniform. Please talk with your coach to determine the best items for your needs.

  • I'm already a competitive fencer and would like to visit. May I drop in?

    We welcome guest fencers. Join us for group training and open bouting, as well as private lessons with our excellent coaches. Our drop-in fee is $50 per session for group classes that include warm-up, drills, and conditioning.

    Experienced adult fencers are welcome to join open bouting sessions for a $25 floor fee.

    Check out our schedule , and drop us a line here.  

  • I'm ready to take my fencing to the next level. Why should I train at Maximum Fencing?

    We're here to help you achieve your fencing goals. Our training program uses a flexible “stage-not-age” approach. You can choose a membership package that includes one, two, three, or four practices a week, and then add private lessons for individualized training.

    Your coach will place you in classes that are comfortable for your current skill level and that provide suitable stretch for your development as a fencer. As you progress, you'll advance through the levels and join competition opportunities that are appropriate yet challenging.

  • Do you offer private lessons, birthday parties, or small group fencing?

    Why, yes, we do! Please contact us to discuss. 

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